Origin Edit

Billy was forged from pure fire in the heart of Centaurus A. To adapt to this harsh environment, Billy developed superhuman powers that all solid life-forms would consider godlike. He wandered the cosmos for billions upon trillions of years, finding civilization after civilization. On July 20, 1958 he was sucked into Earth's gravitational pull by the Black Hole Nuke set off by the Foogalian Federation against the Space Squid Empire, which was in the area. Billy was angered by this, and instantly obliterated both civilizations in the blink of an eye. When Bill eventually crash landed in Pennsylvania, local Homo Sapiens saw him, and instantly regarded him as the god that he was. They set up a shrine to him, but the local government, controlled by the Squelches via mind control, soon tore it down. Billy was enraged, and sent a wave of fire at the authorities. Billy jumped off of the planet, but told his supporters not to worry, for he would return. Through the following years, Earth received several transmissions from Billy. He showed his mighty powers with such godly weapons as "Oxi-Clean", and "Orange Glo". Oxi-Clean could instantly remove any stain that challenged his clothes, as well as being capable of letting the user travel through time. Orange Glo had the magical properties of protecting the mighty hardwood floor and doubled as an explosive so powerful that one ounce could consume the Earth Dimension in flame.

Adventures Edit

In the same galaxy, Billy encountered the God of Bounty, Isopod, who he soon befriended. Billy and Isopod searched for more Gods to join up with, and found the God of Light, Colonel Sanders, the God of Righteousness, Joseph Stalin, who exited planet Earth a decade before Billy arrived. They formed the Coalition of Harmony, and went on to accomplish great things, but in 1975, a great evil was uncovered.

Adam Sandler, The God of Death, had destroyed the Andromeda Galaxy, leaving only dust, and killing quadrillions of Trumpet-Men, the inhabitants of the galaxy, in the process. The Coalition of Harmony united together, and fought valiantly at the battle of TRAPPIST-1, but ultimately failed in stopping the spread of Sandler's influence. At the Battle of KEPLAR-22b, the Coalition managed to repel Adam Sandler's army of demons. In the following years, the Coalition took back 25% of it's lost territory. However, in March of 1982, Sandler dropped a Star Imploder-5000 Class Nuclear Bomb on the Coalition's capital, Mars.

The Coalition had to rebuild, fast, for all of it's Tactical Boomerang stocks had been destroyed. They managed to rebuild 50% of the capital in only two years with the power of Billy's Orange-Glow, which instantly saved all of the hardwood floors on the planet. The war was back on. Both sides played a game of real-world chess on Jupiter, which was contested for almost 10 years. Meanwhile, in the Alpha Centuari System, a brutal guerrilla war was being fought. The native inhabitants, the Space Giraffes, were being overtaken by Adam Sandler's demonic army. The Coalition fought with and supplied the native population, but eventually failed in 1995. Adam Sandler soon dropped Mega Hydrogen Bombs on Mercury, where the Coaliton's medical facility was. Missile defense systems destroyed about 90% of the bombs, but destruction was widespread. The ensuing war of Mercury lasted until 2005, in a decisive victory by the Coalition of Harmony, at the expense of Joseph Stalin, who was killed in the bombing. The next day, Billy was challenged to a COD 1v1 by Adam Sandler. Billy soon arrived at Sandler's fortress, where the duel would be held. He was led to Sandler, and they 1v1ed. Billy noscoped so hard, his seat actually exploded. However, Sandler had downloaded hacks the week before the duel, and somehow got a cheeky frag on Billy. Billy was enraged, and activated his full powers. The resulting 1v1 lasted for 4 years, and in the final minute of those four years, Adam Sandler activated his level 9,000,000 hacks, which mimicked Billy's behavior samples, which had been collected over the past years. Billy was outmatched by himself! In a last ditch attempt at victory, he mashed the scope and fire buttons, but his quick scopes were not enough to defeat the digital clone of himself. He lost the duel, and had a heart attack. Now, in 2018, the Coalition/Sandler War rages on.